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At the end of last year during an episode of the Film Photography Podcast I mentioned the fact I was going to try something new photographically, as a result I've been mucking around with my own b/w film development again, but one thing I did try this year was shooting motion picture film, specifically Super 8 (Something some of the older members will recognize). Well back in June I went up to a Film Photography event in Northern Michigan called Photostock so I lugged along two cartridges of Kodak E100D (Kodak still makes New Super 8 stock!) so 100' of film (7 minutes of footage) to capture the event, and I just got it back this week and pieced it all together in Adobe Premiere Pro. The irony of using one of the more powerful editing suites to edit Telecinied Super 8 footage is not lost on me.

You can watch the piece here:

Music is by Needtobreathe (I won't look back) it's kinda fitting as Needtobreathe has used Super 8 to film their trips recently.

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