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Newbie Like a Child
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We've got tickets to the May 10 show at the Ryman in Nashville.

Is this show an extension of the Shelter tour?

Seems like it might be a stand alone show with different performers than they've been touring with.

I was wondering if anyone had any idea on what the set might look like. An ensemble show?  I'm hoping it is still mostly Jars of Clay. Have never seen them in person and am excited to do so.


Ghost in the Moon
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I doubt it will be an extension to the The Shelter Tour. It was being discussed way before the tour even started. It should be a special night, with guest bands that were also instrumental in reaching the 1,000th Well mark.

I feel really sad for not being able to testify what I said a few months ago, would be my dream concert, which is Jars and Hanson playing together. Hanson is the creator of the Take the Walk campaign, which has helped a large number of people, also in partnership with BWM. I am glad for Jars and I am glad that Hanson was invited and that they accepted it.

I am sure it will be a great opportunity for fans of both bands to be exposed to other band's music. Certainly Hanson will play before Jars, hope the fans won't go home, before Jars come out. Obviously, I am crossing my fingers for the Jars fans who will be exposed to Hanson earlier, to really get to enjoy their great music. Of course Derek and Sandra will only add to the overall greatness. As for the other artists invited, hope they will be great too.

To those who are going, please ENJOY it so much for me. Thanks. And to those who get the chance to talk to them, tell them (Hanson or Jars) that I wanted to be there so badly, but I am miles and miles away.


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