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Seatbelt Tubist
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As a Canadian customer I'm not satisfied, at all.

Here is a brief summary of my experiences:

I won the Inland Cassette prize via the Stageit concert and almost lost the delivery of the package due to a problem with how the customs slip was completed. I had to get in contact with the band directly to get the problems resolved and the package delivered. I barely got to listen to the cassette as early as intended due to the mess up.

Then I won the Inland Radio single prize via the Stageit concert (July) and I still haven't received the package. I've made numerous attempts to contact the band, the customer service rep, etc., but the response is that the item was shipped (but they don't provide a tracking number).

Then I experienced a problem with my Inland deluxe bundle, the meet & greet pass was missing. I worked out a solution with the customer service guy, and I still haven't received the delivery.

Mistakes happen, but you would think that they would learn from past mistakes to avoid future ones.

Has anyone else had poor experiences with their non-US JOC orders?


Seatbelt Tubist
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I'm a very satisfied Canadian customer.  I order from jarsofclay.com very regularly (8 to 10 times a year) and have only encountered a couple of minor hiccups (missing product), but they shipped it out immediately at no extra charge.  I've never had to chase the band for anything.  I've always just dealt with the people who run the store for them (Zambooie) and they've been great.  Sorry to hear that things haven't been so smooth on your end.  I hope they get better.

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I've had some trouble with my Inland pkg and live in the states. Not exactly happy with the gentleman taking care of customers. I was also missing pieces, have still not recieved them and have just given up. I'll purchase my merch in person...whenever they might come around again. [frown] Yes. You would think they'd get their act together.

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I am from the Philippines and I got mine after a month and 2 weeks but I am fine with that. My problem is that the cd and the sketch art was shipped separately so I ended up paying twice the tax and other fees. It costs me a lot to get both of the packages. But I don't blame them, going all indie means things can get messy. 
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