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Hey everybody...I was finally able to locate some vintage Jars Of Clay videos that I had hidden away (literally). I just uploaded them to Youtube.

They are from an August 8, 1996 concert at Riverfront Park in Nashville, TN. sponsored by Lightning 100. I remember feeling really excited about the show because they were taking off and so many people showed up for the event! I shot them with an old VHS camera that only had autofocus, so the video isn't great, but the audio seems to be decent.

The songs are:
Like A Child
Boy On A String
OZZY's Crazy Train
The Coffee Song
and Love Song For A Savior.
I'm sure there were others, but that is all that is on this tape. Hopefully I can find the rest of them somewhere, because I know obviously they played Flood at this time because it was the hit.

All of the vids are labeled Vintage Jars of Clay with the date August 8, 1996 and then the song title. If you can't find them by searching, let me know and I can post song  links. Pass along with other fans and enjoy!
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