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Seatbelt Tubist
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This sounds like a sales pitch but here it goes:

I would really like to find some of those rare Jars of Clay CDs for my collection. I know that some of the members here have them, and I just wanted to throw this out there...

I have some cash to spend, willing to pay fair prices and make it worth your time, just throw an offer out and let's do business.

I plan on expanding my collection, while at the same time document the rare CDs for others to learn about (see the discography link in my signature).

Some people are in need of cash to make ends meet in preparation for 2011, others may just want to get a return on their investment. Let me know if you have items to sell.

Wanted: rare singles and promo CDs



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Mini Monster
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MikeHarvat's selling some "rare-ish" stuff--- you've probably already seen his list (it's been up for a while) --- but just lettin' you know in case you haven't

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