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So I am engineered, crafted and programmed to remain desensitized...until I choose otherwise. It is Media ( of the ancient city of Mede, the pharmacists) and it is Government, which bears any weight but that recognized sovereignty these days, that has put this upon my head. But as the origin of my apathy holds no relevance, neither does the birthing place of the problem I have been desensitized to.

They are like little brown paper dolls on the screen, folded and crumpled; hollow glass eyes, swarmed with pestilence. They are often seen being cradled by an evangelist, whom after the photo-op, is going to sit down to a single $700 meal in a fabulous hotel. It's not not like I am any different. As I watch them and wonder why the h*** this man expects anyone to send money to these littles ones while he is sitting there dripping with garnets and gold, I am stuffing my face with sour cream and onion Pringles and gulping down an ice cold glass of Mr. Pibb. Is my choice any different than his? I am a hypocrite.

They are so far away, these people. And I think it was Designed that way by someone other than God. Namely, The Bilderberg Group. Welcome to Mk-Ultra or Operation Paper Clip. But thats another topic altogether unlovely. It is the sin nature, not the human nature, that is played on here. It seems as long as it does not touch our life, then we are unaffected. There is something about 3D tangibility that awakens the senses. I feel that it is partly the distance that keeps the majority numb.

I think the band Tool said it best:

" Don't look me at like I am a monster
Frown out your one face
But with the other
Stare like a junkie into the TV
Stare like a zombie
While the mother holds her child
Watches him die
Hands to the sky crying
Why, oh why?
Cause I need to watch things die
From a distance
Vicariously I live while the whole world dies
You all need it too, don't lie.
Vicariously I...
Live while the whole world dies
Much better you, than I                 "

You can hear this song here.

But what would happen, if one day, out of nowhere, several planes landed in a random field in the US very near the location of the Super Bowl and out poured hundreds upon hundreds of gnarled limbs, swollen bellies, skeletal frames, open mouths and tearful eyes, overturning the hot dog stands, raiding the snack bars, dipping cracked and bleeding lips into the water of toilets and sinks; crying toddlers
pulling on our clothes reaching so high, stretching with burning faces up to our bottles of Power Aid.....showing up on doorsteps....cupping hands to peak in livingroom windows, lamentations and screeches and woe....

You get the idea. What if it was here? What if we were there? Me personally, if I came off a plane and saw what I would see, I would first vomit, then, I would find something inanimate to beat the holy hell out of, and then proceed to claw at my own face and pound my breast. I am not sure I would be coherent enough to provide relief in an orderly fashion. I might think of myself to be such a worthless peice of sh** that....I might do something stupid. It's so overwhelming to even think about. Thats probably why I am apathetic when I see it on TV. If I let it effect me the way its suppose to...I would stay insane. The injustice of this world merits one having to be locked in a padded cell for not being able to handle the fact they not only have no resources to help, but they contribute to it......

Jesus says, " The poor you have with you always...." This was not an excuse to just overlook the poor. It was Christ saying that you are going to need the power of God to remedy the atrocities committed on such a GRAND scale...

I am selfish. And tonight I will repent. But tomorrow, I will eat, drink and be merry while they die. What a wretched woman I am.

Ghost in the Moon
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i feel the same way. and i'm so cynical now, i look at store mannequins sporting the "layered look" with five tank tops on and i sneer and think "we americans, wearing all our clothes in a single outfit when some people can't afford ONE of those tank tops!"

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