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Hi, I've been on a Jars of Clay binge recently and really enjoying some of the non-album tracks I've found. I'm wondering if anyone has some good advice for how to obtain Jars' rarities/b-sides/unreleased tracks...?

I'm aware this site has some for free download, and I've had a look through the iTunes Store... but there are still so many I haven't found for sale. I can't seem to find an easy way to buy some of these songs online? There's the occasional (pricey) CD on eBay ... Is there a digital music store that sells rarities that I've missed??

Or for tracks that aren't for sale, is anyone willing to share mp3s? [biggrin]

Thanks so much! They're a band with a rich discography and plenty of stunning tracks that somehow got left on the cutting room floor!!! (Can't figure out how some of these have been pushed aside to obscure digital-only EPs or left unreleased!)

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Hey James! I'm glad you're trying to go about this the right way...I go to great lengths to support the bands I care about and legally purchase their music.

Honestly you're best bet is to set up some saved searches on eBay and keep a keen eye out for when you can get a deal. There's still great stuff that pops up from time to time...I scored the super rare version of the Fly single for 7 bucks last year!
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