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Seatbelt Tubist
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to Dan and all the band -

just wanted to jump on the boards and say how much i love TLFBTE.  (what a mouthful even abbreviated!).

i guess i had low expectations because i did not love two hands and the accoustic set at club nokia really did not preview this album well - but.... WOW, LOVE this album. 

i know some people don't like the synth and all that but i think it was very well done.  i hear so many 80's bands like OMD, Tears For Fears, Depeche, New Order, Duran Duran, etc - all the 80's bands i love.  my fav songs are Heart (both versions), Scenic Route and surprisingly, Don't Stop which grew on me real quick. 

so here you go, Dan, you asked for it!  i am gushing positive glowing comments on everything you do (well, on this album at least) 

so, since this album is so club like - any plans to take it to the club scene more in 2010?  it's not really church music as i am sure you can see also (it's probably your least "religious" sounding album yet.)  these songs would be great at the Roxy in LA or 4th and B in San Diego but only if you synch some sick lighting to go with it - it could be like a Christian dance club!  LOL!

love, Carol from San Diego

p.s.you need to post some Northern Cal dates for Patty, Didi and Marlo.  I want a road trip too - how 'bout 7-26 in Rocklin?  i'll make you cookies if you come!

this is annoying!

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I would also like to state that I think this is possibly your best album yet. I have listened to it through many, many times and I have not gotten tired of it. Replay value is immense. There are low points, just like on any album, but you guys really pulled off some magic here. Great job!


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Seatbelt Tubist
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i still totally love Much Afraid, but TLFBTE is like a step up of it. They're both kind of relationship-themed.

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