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The Jarchives Message Board exists to be an extension of Jars of Clay's ministry in the spirit of Christian fellowship among fans and friends. We thank you for your encouragement and your participation on the board and hope you'll continue to support this ministry. 
General Guidelines:
Play nice. While there will be disagreements and differing opinions expressed in these forums, we expect everyone to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated. If you discover a post that is verbally abusive, e-mail a complaint to info@jarchives.com. We will address the problem directly with the post’s author.
No spam or flooding. Please relegate self-promotion to the open forum. Excessive posting will be curtailed.
We don’t like duplicate threads. Before you start a new discussion, use the search function to make sure you’re not starting a new thread about a previously discussed topic.
Be nice to the moderators. The removal of posts is completely based on moderator discretion. We’re doing the best we can. Posters who participate in a "flame war" or show continued abusive behavior will be issued a "time out" for one week. This "time out" will be issued with an email notification. If 3 "time outs" are issued, then the person will be banned from message board participation. The administrator of the Jarchives' website reserves the right to determine the degree of behavioral severity that will warrant a "time out" period. Please know that we are not a dictatorship, and careful consideration will be taken before any permanent response ensues.
Be careful. We advise exercising caution when communicating with others outside of the Jarchives message board environment. Even though some great "real life" friendships have grown from the message board, the administrators and moderators of Jarchives do not claim any responsibility for personal problems occurring outside of the message board.
All Jars of Clay fans have the right to communicate together in a comfortable environment. Please honor the work we have put into our message board, our website, and band we are here to support in ministry!
Thanks and Blessings,
The Jarchives Message Board Team
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