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I was looking through some old JOC interviews. Back in the 90s, you guys were saying things in interviews like, "Yeah, we just want to get the Gospel out there," or "We're trying to plant seeds, or "We want to glorify God in everything we do."

I noticed that you guys don't use that kind of vocabulary anymore. You still talk about the Gospel, but you've dropped a lot of the Evangelical jargon that you used to employ. I would think that this is probably the result of a major shift in your thinking about your vocation. So if you're interested, I had a few questions that I thought would be interesting to get your viewpoint on (I only use lists for clarity in differentiating the questions):

1) In the early days, what kind of things did you believe were required of Christians in a band (not a "Christian band") in a general sense, and how do your current beliefs on this matter contrast with what you believed then?

2) What are some key events in your life (or lives) that have contributed to these changes?

3) How have these changes effected the way you portray yourselves in the public eye?

4) How have these changes effected your art?

5) Has your experiences in CCM left you at all jaded about the Church? If so, has this created a tension in trying to remain united with the Church, while still having to keep yourselves unaffiliated with, and separate from the modern Evangelical conceptions of "Christianity," "the Church," and "the Gospel"?


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