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I just went to see Jars at the Courage Worldwide summit in Rocklin. I was so happy to see them, since they don't come to northern CA that often. Phillip LaRue a few other artists, and a local band were there. They also had a painter who was painting one of his works live on stage that was auctioned to support Courage House, a place for girls rescued from sex trafficking. I've heard about this horrific thing that's happening around the world and even our own backyard, but did not realize that Sacramento was #4 on the FBI's sex trafficking list. It was good to see so many involved and getting churches involved in such an important issue.

I was a bit disappointed that Jars had no merch table, but I was ok with that. I realized that the focus of this night was not about them, but this ever so important reality that we need to open our eyes to. I was able to get a compilation cd with a Jars song "Run" on it. I think that was enough. 

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