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The Christmas Songs mini-tour w/Third Day & Jars of Clay: Of all the concerts attended where BWM has been promoted- this one hit the hardest for me. I only began to support BWM efforts since the message took hold of me at last, partially resulting from the Good Monsters tour ("Light Gives Heat")not sure what took me so long.

From the video backed by "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, " showing the people of Africa, the joy that radiates from them despite how hard they work to live each day, and what BWM has done to supply clean water to needed areas; to the appeal for concert-goers to leave as little as a $1 donation as we exited the show- it simply had to pierce the heart of many that evening. I've never listened to the timeless lyrics of this song- beyond the title itself until the release of Christmas Songs; they fit perfectly with the purpose of BWM, as does "Peace is Here!"

The boldness of BWM and how it represents Christ is impossible to ignore once the message finally grabs you. There were a few thousand at this concert- surely more clean water is on the way but we shouldn't let it stop there! Thank you band, Thank YOU Blood:Water Mission!  
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