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Seatbelt Tubist
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I received this email from Caedmon's Call, this site is similar to redwire.com, but one of the causes supported is BWM

We wanted to let you know about a new website that we are a part of. It is called Brite Revolution (http://www.briterevolution.com). Brite Revolution's mission is to help artists release new music on a regular basis while supporting a number of non-profit causes.

We will be releasing a brand new song every month on Brite as well as live recordings, demos, out-takes and/or other back catalog songs. You can also find videos, blogs, pictures and other exclusive content.

Brite Revolution donates 10% of its gross subscription revenues to the non-profit causes of your choice. So, when you sign up, you can pick who you would like to help support.

Other artists on Brite Revolution:  Katie Herzig, Griffin House, Andy Davis, Matthew Perryman Jones, Todd Snider, Billy Cerveny, Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors, Randall Goodgame, Andy Osenga, Waterdeep and Ginny Owens. Your $4.99/month subscription gets you all their new music and helps to make a difference somewhere in the world!

As a thank you for all your support we would like to give you a free month membership to Brite Revolution. Just click the banner below and go from there.

Grace and Peace -
Caedmon's Call

"Faith's victory is not grounded in the act of believing but in the character and work of the One in whom we believe. We don't have to know all he knows -- we only have to trust that he knows. We don't have to be able to see all he sees -- we only have to gladly trust his vision. We don't have to morally achieve a certain standard -- we only have to trustingly commit to the standard to which he alone attained. He is our faith! His heart, his vision, his faith, his achievement -- these are the nature and essence of our faith and that is why our faith conquers the world (1 John 5:3-5)." Jim McGuiggan


Mini Monster
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That is really cool. Thanx for the info. Just bookmarked it.
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