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Seatbelt Tubist
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Hey guys!

We are kicking off a Back to School Campaign and need your help in some very small ways if you're able.

As most of you already know, in many parts of Africa, young girls are the ones responsible for making sure their family has water. And usually they have to walk for hours to find it leaving them little to no time for school. As a result, children may have no choice but to stay away.

Over her school years, $12 will free a girl from spending her day carrying water, giving her a chance to go to school.  If you want to help make this happen we need you to visit http://www.bloodwatermission.com/backtoschool  and get involved. Watch the video. Share it with your friends and family. Download the resources and start your own campaign from your home, school, church, etc.

We would be honored if you could help us share this story in any way you feel you can.

Here are some small examples of how to share it...

+ sending a few tweets over the next couple of weeks  
(ex.--- RT @bloodwater "
Our kids don't have to be the only ones going Back to School this year..." http://is.gd/25z8I --OR--  Check out what our friends @bloodwater are doing as you go back to school:  http://is.gd/25z8I )
+ adding the web banners to your site or myspace
+ linking the video on your pages/blogs
+ emailing the video/site out
+ printing the materials and starting a campaign in your town

 Our kids don't have to be the only ones going back to school this year.


- matt

P.S. Want to read this month's newsletter? Visit http://tinyurl.com/kpw2ht


Ghost in the Moon
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Alrighty. Today I sent my donation ^^
Who else?
It is time to donate folks =]

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