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Dear Jars of Clay,


When Dan said, "It will be available on iTunes, and other digital music sites real soon," I understood this to mean that a single of "Hero" would be released on iTunes to help satiate the thirst for "A Long Fall Back to Earth."  I've been checking iTunes nearly every day since that post to no avail.  So how soon is "soon" guys?


Your Faithful Fan,





I for one am glad Hero43 wasn't released with Good Monsters.  Firstly, I appreciate Jars of Clay likes to properly refine songs before releasing them unlike many other bands out there.  Secondly, unsubtle political messages turn me off to a song regardless of whether or not I agree with the message. (In fact, I partially agree with Dan's statement concerning the song).  I feel such a move cheapens a song's artistic potential because the artist specifically decided to waste recording time with an outright political protest; thus, I believe Hero43 would have detracted from Jars' universal, ponderous, introspective lyrical nature--a quality particularly present in Good Monsters.  (Though I don't necessarily like the band Linkin Park, their song Hands Held High on Minutes to Midnight is a perfect illustration of what I'm referring to.)   Please don't misconstrue me; I believe that a band shouldn't be afraid to express their opinion.  Such opinions should merely be limited to the realm of other media--not albums.  Thankfully, Dan did this.


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I have also been wondering this. I didn't realize "really soon" meant "over 3 weeks."

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